Farm Insurance

Chaparral and Wildwood Insurance brokers are very familiar and knowledgeable in the farm department, many of our agents were raised on farms and some own and operate farms themselves. You will find this very helpful as you discuss your farming equipment and operations.

Primary Dwelling

We can offer a broad range of coverage’s for your home. From fire and extended coverage’s, to all risk coverage on your home and its contents, we can provide you with the coverage that best suits your situation and needs.

Farm Liability

Starting at a million dollar limit our farm liability can be increased to cover all of your land and operations. Liability insurance provides the insured’s family and those listed in the policy with coverage should any legal claims arise where the insured’s are found negligent.

Machinery/ Tool Floaters

Combines, Tractors, and other tools can be valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, we know how important it is to insure these items and we offer great rates to go along with you farm package.

Outbuildings/ Grain bins

Barns, workshops, employee dwellings…Farms usually come with a wide variety of outbuildings, many of which you may choose to list on your policy.

Grain/ Fertilizer/Feed

These things can be insured, depending on what amount of coverage you want you can be insured against lightning, vandalism, in transit, wind and other perils.


From insuring one specific animal at a set amount, to providing coverage on a blanket basis for many animals coverage is available against certain perils.

Farm Automobiles

By insuring your farm policy with your farm auto you will receive discounts on both policies. That’s one reason why it’s a good idea to insure with the same company.

Auto Insurance

When it comes to insuring your vehicle there are some things that are helpful to know, our knowledgeable agents will explain to you the different coverage’s available and there cost. There are many discounts available to an insured motorist, depending on your situation we could potentially offer discounts of up to 50% off!
Mandatory Insurance


Alberta government requires everyone who drives a vehicle to have this coverage, and we recommend having at least a million dollar limit of coverage under liability. Third party liability provides coverage for damages or injuries to other people and their property due to an automobile incident. It will also provide coverage for settling any legitimate claims that could arise from such an incident.